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Welcome to El Jumelgi billiard Poker bars!

Trendy billiard Poker bars with urban jungle decor!
Featuring various ambiances under one roof, El Jumelgi billiard Poker bars provide you with everything you might need for a fulfilling nightlife:
Billiard, foosball or poker games among friends, sports events on giant HD screens in our lounge, or dancefloor parties featuring the best music from our DJs – fun for everyone!!!
Ideal for happy hours, birthday, office or private parties in our V.I.P. lounges, business meetings, sports events, billiard tournaments, etc...

El Jumelgi has set the standard for billiard Poker bars in Montreal!!!

2 addresses to better serve you!

El Jumelgi Le Plateau: 1673 Mont-Royal Mtl est 514-526-8858
El Jumelgi Ontario: 3350 Ontario est Mtl 514-522-0905
Poker Room:  3350 Ontario est Mtl 514-220-6349

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Nouveauté au El Jumelgi sur Ontario

!!!!! Table de BEER PONG !!!!!




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